High Adventure Itsy Touch Gloves Mild Temperature ( out of stock eta u

High Adventure Itsy Touch Gloves Mild Temperature ( out of stock eta unknown)



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  • Product Details
  • The Itsy Touch is our light-weight glove designed for mild temperatures and sunny days. 

    The gloves feature wind and water-resistant weather protection, maximum dexterity and are made from durable GORE®WINDSTOPPER®/leather.

    The streamlined design, with its long neoprene sleeve which fits under your jacket cuff, guards effectively against the cold. The leather reinforcements protect areas exposed to stress and improve grip. The dynamic shaping and the precise cut maximise freedom of movement and dexterity.


    Genuine Flying Feeling

    The gloves are suitable for groundhandling, adjusting buckles, operating instruments and brake handles. They are soft, light and feel extremely comfortable. And they are named Itsy Touch for a reason… the gloves are fitted with a reliable touch feature for smartphones and flight instruments.

    Genuine GORE Windstopper

    The outer glove combines durable, hydrophobic leather with a GORE®WINDSTOPPER® membrane. The GORE®WINDSTOPPER® antibacterial and odor restricting lining provides complete and lasting warmth from the cuff to the fingertips.


    ESKA® and High Adventure

    If passion meets sensitivity, it must be ESKA®. For over 100 years, the ESKA name has been synonymous with innovative craftsmanship. Years ago the “Gut Stuff” product was a great success for Eska and High Adventure. With our most recent glove collection we are setting new standards in the free flying world.

  • Features
  • Technical Details

    • Water-resistant and Windproof
    • Breathable
    • Lightweight Lining



    Ergonomic fit for brake handles



    All areas exposed to stress are leather-reinforced



    Outer shell

       -GORE®WINDSTOPPER®/Special Hydro Silicon Leather

    Membrane and inner layer




    Special tear-resistant thread secured with backstitching


    Sleeve Construction

    • Tight-fitting sleeve
    • Wrist strap

    Care & Maintenance