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FlyMaster Tracker


Product Details

The new Flymaster Tracker borrows on the proven tracking technology developed for the LiveSD and GpsSD+. The Tracker features a pressure sensor, so it’s flight log can be used to generate IGC data which includes the compulsory barometric altitude. Also built in is an accelerometer and RF module that can comunicate with the Heart-G or TAS Probe.

It is built from high strength polycarbonate combined with a rubber exterior, making it extremely robust and water resistant. So it can be used not only for flying, but also for other activities, such as Kite and Wind Surfing, Mountain Biking, etc.

Also available Flymaster Tracker 3G - specially designed for places where 2G network is poor or not available.

*After 2 years the contract the plan changes to FLEXIBLE. (PayPal required). 3.99 Euros per month

**Monthly activation (PayPal required) 4.99 Euros per month

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