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Flymaster TAS


Product Details

Flymaster presents the TAS Probe, a streamlined hang-glider and paraglider instrument with a built in airspeed measurement probe and a high resolution temperature sensor for thermal sniffing, boosting the performance of the Flymaster instrument range.

Air-Speed Measurement The TAS Probe uses a Pitot tube for determining airspeed. Consequently, it does not suffer from problems related to impeller type sensors, which rapidly loose accuracy due to dust and damage. Flymaster TAS Probe connects to the Flymaster instruments using the built in wireless interface. These factors combined create a flexible robust solution. Using airspeed data, the Flymaster instruments can provide useful information for flight performance and safety, more accurately calculating wind speed and direction, and benefiting from additional features, such as Stall-alert, Speed-to-Fly, Energy compensation, etc.

Thermal Sniffer The TAS Probe also includes a fast (low thermic inertia) and high resolution temperature sensor, capable of detecting tiny variations in airflow temperature. Combining temperature data with information from the renowned high accuracy Flymaster varios and GPS’s, the combined system can potentially detect nearby thermals, creating an unbeatable thermal hunting solution. By wirelessly getting the temperature data from the TAS Probe, the Flymaster flight instrument can display and register the temperature during flight. By doing so, the Flymaster flight instrument can identify patterns which later can be used to evaluate the thermal potential of the area or spot thermal proximity.

[Main Features]

- Air-speed measurement from 5 to 180 km/h (1 km/h resolution)

- Temperature measurement from -20 to +60 ºC (0.1 ºC resolution)

- Power: 1 AAA battery

- Maximum communication distance: 5 m

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