FLY NEO String Pack


Product Details

Fly Light – Carry Compact

carabiners not included – price subject to change

Name: The String Pack

Harness: paragliding & speedflying

Type: ultra-light

Geometry: leg straps

ABS Concept: all in one: leg straps harness + folding bag + bagpack

Certification: EN1651

Size: one size fits all

Weight: 1,03 kg (without carabiners)

Rescue: optional front container

Options: NEO Helmet holder (35 grams), GRIVEL Plum carabiners (37 grams)

Main materials: Dyneema, Polyester Mesh, Double Mesh Spacer, Mesh 3D, Ripstop polyamide, Zip et YKK buckles

Materials: made in Europe

Manufacturing: made in France String Pack Video

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