Advance Axess 3 Air



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  • Product Details
  • The AXESS 3 AIR is much more comfortable than the last AXESS model thanks to improved back support. There’s very good freedom of movement on the ground for takeoff, and it’s easy to slide back into the seat after lift off.

    An elegant look with contour-blended protector

    It has been possible to significantly improve the look of the AXESS 3 AIR. The protector no longer sits on the outside of the structure, but is now incorporated within the harness. This gives the external contour a unified and elegant look. A beneficial spin-off – you can now change the protector.

    Safety from beginning to end

    The compact-stowing Airbag automatically takes up its shape and full volume immediately after unpacking. The foam framework inside the Airbag makes it fill itself with air on the ground straight away, without the need for external airflow. This innovative idea provides high passive safety from the first to last moment of your flight. New design also extends the lifetime of this self-inflating Airbag

    -Well-proven and simple ADVANCE two-buckle combined chest-and-leg-strap closure system -Shoulder strap support points for the reserve -Carbon seatboard -Velcro on the shoulder strap for a Solario -2 integral side pockets -Speed system fixtures -Slot for Camelback tube -Provision for foot stirrup (foot stirrup available as an option)

  • Package Contents
    • AXESS 3 AIR harness with carbon seat board
    • 2 Aluminium main carabiners (Alias)
    • Reserve parachute bridle and deployment handle with associated four flap inner container
    • Hold-back for the speed bar
    • Booklet "Getting started"
    • foot stirrup

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