Gin Pegasus


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  • Product Details
  •  SIZE 24 26 28 30
     FLAT  AREA 24.12m2 26.26m2 28.50m2 30.83m2
     SPAN 10.76m 11.23m 11.70m 12.16m
     A.R 4.8 4.8 4.8 4.8
     PROJECTED  AREA 20.94m2 22.80m2 24.74m2 26.76m2
     SPAN 8.66m 9.05m 9.43m 9.80m
     A.R 3.6 3.6 3.6 3.6
     CHORD 2.8m 2.9m 3.0m 3.2m
     CELL NUMBER 36 36 36 36
     GLIDER WEIGHT 5.3kg 5.5kg 5.8kg 6.2kg
     WEIGHT IN FLIGHT (FREE FLIGHT) 65~85kg 75~95kg 85~105kg 95~115kg
     WEIGHT IN FLIGHT (PARAMOTOR) 75~120kg 85~130kg 95~140kg 99~160kg
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  • Technical Specifications
  • Simple, safe and forgiving

    Thanks to the new "S-inlets" on the leading edge, you'll find that inflation and take-off couldn't be easier. The Pegausus inflates smoothly with the minimum of effort and the low minimum speed gets you airbourne quickly and under full control with virtually zero oscillation tendencies. In flight, GIN's Equalized Pressure Technology (EPT) means that the wing is stable in turbulence and at speed. In addition, the wing has a long brake range and progressively higher brake pressures near the stall, giving you an ample safety margin. The excellent control authority at low speeds also means you can land comfortably in a wide range of conditions.

    Comfortable and refined

    The Pegasus provides you with precisely the feedback you need to develop an instinctive feeling for the air. The smooth glide allows you to feel lines of lift, while providing a damped feel in rougher air. The result: you always stay comfortable and get the most enjoyment possible from your flight.

    A wing to take you far

    The modern 3 line design minimizes line drag. Coupled with the performance advantages of EPT due to increased aerofoil efficiency, this means that you'll be able to keep the pace with many sports wings. As you progress in paramotoring, you'll discover the Pegasus to be truely versatile.

  • More Information
  • Technical details

    - Equalized Pressure Technology (EPT) - "S-inlets" for better inflation - 3 risers / 3 lines spanwise - paramotor riser with trimmer and double hang up points - increased brake length and lower brake pulleys for trike (sizes 28 and 30) - colour-coded lines for easy identification - strong and durable materials - trailing edge mini-ribs

  • Materials
  • Canopy cloth

    Upper surface: Dominico Dokdo 30D (WR) 42 g/m2 Lower surface: Dominico Dokdo 30D (WR) 42 g/m2


    Upper: Liros DSL 70 Dyneema / GIN TGL 80 Aramid Middle: Liros DSL 70, PPSL 120, 160 Dyneema Main: Liros PPSL 120,160,200 Dyneema / GIN TGL 280 Aramid