SupAir XA13 (UltraLightweight Pod)



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  • Product Details
  • A harness without a seat plate but specific and streamlined, for " Hike & Fly " competitions. Particularly light and comfortable, the AX 13 was designed for technical long distance flying. The body posture for upmost piloting is well adapted to performance soaring. It is equipped with an integrated Speedbag ( Cocoon ), and a special front mounted reserve parachute pocket.


    • Cross and competition
    • For regularly flying experienced pilots only
    • 3/4 reclined seating posture


    • Mini Bump back protector
    • Airbag under the seat with two lateral air-scoops
    • Integrated Speedbag front reserve parachute pocket. Extraction handle positioned slightly to the right for easier access in any configuration
    • The harness is securely fastened via two 30 mm aluminum buckles
    • Soft "CONNECT" link connections to the wing

    Gear / Comfort

    • Cocoon type Speedbag with wind protective layer
    • Double stage speed-bar with adjustment system
    • Harken pulleys
    • Speedbag carbon fiber foot-resting plate
    • Rear inflatable profile ( relative wind speed )
    • Elastic chest strap

  • More Info
  • Storage

    • Dorsal storage pocket
    • Left side storage pocket with radio fastening lanyard
    • Pre-equipped Hydro system


    • Chest strap adjustment
    • SpeedBag incline and length adjustments
    • Shoulder straps adjustments
    • Backrest side trim adjustment via dual alloy buckle system


    • EN 1651
    • LTF
    Made in Europe