Gin Yeti Xtrem 2


Product Details

The all new Gin Yeti Xtrem is delivered without buckles and reserve bridle routing. It is EN and LTF certified, one size fits all and weighs 0.26 kg. This is state of the art - lightweight paragliding technology from Gin Gliders.

The Yeti Xtrem is part of a versatile product range that covers all your lightweight needs. For greater protection, add a Yeti rescue with front container. To carry your equipment, choose from a range of technical rucksacks and adapt it to the needs of your trip. Finally, add a Yeti paraglider or Griffin mini-paraglider and you're good to go!


- Split legs geometry

- Lateral straps to adjust seat angle

- Leg straps can be opened via the main carabiner

- Adjustable shoulder straps

- Floating shoulder straps for comfort at the take off and control in the air

- Rescue attachment to main carabiners only (no shoulder connection)

- Certified EN 1651


One size


260g (without carabiners)

Please note the Yeti Xtrem 2 is not compatible with the Yeti airbag

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