Gin Fluid 2



Product Details

The expert wing, the FLUID  is the glider for experienced and expert riders. Its precision, wide speed range and wide glide angle range will greatly expand your concept of speedriding. Feel the ultimate speedride between air and snow with your FLUID, the champions’ tool!

The FLUID is precise, reactive and fast. It is just as able to contour the ground on gentle slopes as on very steep ones. The 3 riser system, constantly improved by the GIN Team during winters, will allow you to trim the glide angle without losing stability and profile qualities. With these improvements, the FLUID has won many national and international competitions !!

It is delivered complete with the new specially designed 'FREERIDE' convertible harness/rucksack, carabiners, and the new fast-packing bag. This lighter and more compact harness is dedicated to a wild area use-with a sock pocket for the storage of poles, an anti-puncture concept, an ice axe holder, etc.

Choose your size according to your weight and, more importantly, experience. The optimum wing loading for the Fluid is between 8,5 and 10 kg/m2 for experienced and experts riders.



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