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Nova Triton 2 Light

Everything you need to know about the TRITON 2 LIGHT:

  • The TRITON 2 LIGHT combines exceptional lightness with uncompromising performance.
  • Size XS has been optimised for high speed performance (plus >20km/h)
  • The TRITON 2 LIGHT is based on the TRITON 2, but many details have been markedly improved.
  • Thinner lines made from Liros PPSL 191 and an optimised finish have resulted in a tangible performance increase in comparison with the TRITON 2.
  • The risers are made from 12mm wide Aramid: it is simpler to handle and does not twist – making the wing safer overall.

Nova Bion Tandem

The design of the BION is characterized by a rather low aspect ratio, which leads to a very gentle collapse- and launch behavior. The short line length improves the launch behavior even more and also leads to a well balanced handling characteristic.



Nova Triton 2

A wing that soars above its class: the new Triton 2 (EN C – TBC) In terms of pilot requirements the Triton is similar to the old DHV 2-3 class – and at the same time it has the performance of a fully-fledged high-end glider. This makes the Triton 2 the ultimate cross-country flying machine.


Nova Mentor 3 Light

Design Brief

The Mentor 3 Light weighs in at 1.5 kg lighter than it’s normal version – Mentor 3. The only notable flying differences are: easier launching and better recovery from maneuvers.


Nova ION 3 Light

The ION 3 light is a fully-fledged ION 3 – but nearly one and a half kilograms lighter. In has the same basic philosophy: the wing offers a lot and demands little. For this reason, it is the perfect all-round wing for mountaineering, cross-country and having fun. You can’t get more out of a lightweight paraglider.


Nova Mentor 4

The benchmark of cross-country wings (EN/LTF B TBC)

MENTOR 4 – gets you further

More technology, more know-how, more performance: The MENTOR 4 is the next milestone in the XC intermediate class. As well as revolutionary performance, the MENTOR 4 also offers refined handling in thermals, balanced roll damping and even better climb characteristics. And thanks to its compact sail, the wing has gained efficiency and is also faster.


Nova ION 3

The ION 3 is the realisation of our mission: to produce paragliders with excellent performance, that give a lot, but require little. Its handling is precise but at the same time forgiving. This makes the ION 3 a wing for all occasions: a fun wing, a cross country machine, tutor and gentle acrobat all in one. You can’t get more out of a single paraglider.


Nova Ibex 3

The performance featherweight (EN/LTF A-C)
By mountaineers – for mountaineers
Lightweight, high performing, uncomplicated: the IBEX 3 is an ultralight wing (from 2.5kg) made by mountaineers for mountaineers. The IBEX 3 XXS is aimed at pilots who appreciate a small wing with a lot of performance; the IBEX 3 XS and S are fully-fledged thermalling wings (EN/LTF A).


Nova Prion 2

Idea and Development

After the big success of the Ion 2 in the “low-level B segment” we continued our path and developed an EN-A glider with similar qualities: This means a very high level of easily usable performance, high stability in turbulent conditions, and pleasant handling characteristics.We could use a lot of the knowledge which we had gathered during the development of the Ion 2 and also of the Mentor 2. For instance the airfoil is the same on all three wings, which leads to high performance, high stability, though with a very soft collapse behaviour.


Nova SuSi Q

“SuSi Q” stands for “SuSi Quick “, which is what we call the small and lightweight version of SuSi.

The simple design of SuSi offers ideal characteristics for a lightweight wing: there are only 28 profile ribs (which means less fabric and materials) and no diagonals or bands. The weight that we save with this type of construction is invested elsewhere in the wing design, resulting robustness and convenient, easy handling.

SuSi Q is constructed using the ultralight 10D fabric (weighting 25g/m²), but only on the bottom sail. Conversely, the top sail, the primary lines as well as the 12mm wide Kevlar risers are built to last. This makes SuSi Q a very lightweight wing, but leaving her longevity almost uncompromised.