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Gin Acro Handles – Pair

Complete acro handles with swivels and plastic bar. Delivered by pair and with magnetic and plastic winglet holders.

Weight: 2 lbs


Gin Concertina Bag

Protect your investment with the GIN concertina bag. Folding your wing using the concertina method maintains optimum performance and inflation characteristics by maintaining the shape of the leading edge and by minimizing panel stretching and fabric abrasion.

There is an integrated pocket to secure the risers. Alternatively, the risers can be left attached to your harnesses. A flap system with buckles along 2/3rds of the length holds the wing in place neatly and integrated straps secure the folded bag.

High quality materials are used throughout, chosen for their durability and light weight. Mesh is used along the sides of the bag to promote airflow and to keep your glider as dry as possible.


Trapezoidal Link 7 mm

Pair of Trapezoidal Links 7mm Stainlass Steel screwgate connector type maillon.
To connect the rescue parachute to the harness or as main carabiner.

Weight: 80g approx.


Jack the Ripper Hook Knife

Hook knives are used for the following reasons:
-if you are unable to release your tow bridle
-if you are getting drug across the ground by a deployed reserve but can’t disable it
-if you land in the water and can’t get out of your harness/ lines etc.
-if you are in a tree and need to cut your glider free
-if someone is hurt and needs to be cut out of their harness
-the list goes on and on…

There are replaceable blades stored in the handle.
These knives are the industry standard and are 8″ inches long. The knives are all yellow and the cases are in in assorted colors.


Charly Finsterwalder Quick Out Carabiners

FINSTERWALDER’S rapid separation Quick-Out carabiners (also known as Quick-Outs) can be utilized when a trustworthy connection is necessary and a rapid separation is required, even under load.

Apart from the additional rescue possibilities that the Quick-Out offers by emergency landings in water, trees or high winds, it also proves advantageous when hooking in/out.

In paragliding, Quick-Out carabiners can also be used for separating the pilot from their paraglider after successfully deploying their emergency reserve parachute system. As well, tandem paraglider pilots use Quick-Outs as a safety back-up to prevent getting dragged in strong winds.

Quick-Out carabiners demand special care in handling.

Optional Speed System Separators available for solo glider use.

Quick Out User Manual 


  • Breaking load: 4000 DaN*, 2.000 DaN* individually tested
  • No gate play, thus fatigue endurable with unlimited hours of usage for 150 DaN* hauled load!
  • Double-button locking with multiple safety steps
  • Replacement interval: 8 years, unlimited hours of usage
  • Housing drop-forged from Titanal, insert made from high-strength aluminium alloy 7075 T6
  • Weight: 200 g / pcs.

Gin Rescue Carabiner 8mm – Pair

Pair of GIN rescue carabiners 7mm Stainlass Steel screwgate connector square type maillon.
To connect the rescue parachute to the harness

Weight: 80g


Gin Yeti Convertible

The new Yeti harness has been totally re-thought and redesigned to fit the requirements of pilots who appreciate hiking before taking off. This ultra light harness is ideal for high mountains and long treks.

• Split legs geometry
• Yeti airbag ready
• Manual buckles on chest and leg straps


Gin Speedride

Robust, practical and safe, the Speedride harness provides ease and comfort whether you are learning or an experienced rider. The rucksack side of the harness has ski and equipment attachments for touring. The new ergonomic shape and ventilation system on the back makes it very comfortable to carry even on a long walk. Just turn the bag inside out to convert it into a harness. Legs are independent and the redesigned shoulder straps slide through the front strap for better comfort when skiing. These and other technical features give you more comfort and precision in use. While wearing the harness, the “Fast pack bag”, invented by GIN, is still very useful in the zipped pocket on the right leg. Use it to carry your bundled Nano while skiing between runs. GIN is still innovating with the removable Airbag, which will increase your comfort and safety during practice.

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